Red Carpet Trend Forecasting Hair Trends (How Tos)

Taking on a sophisticated edge this season, updos are becoming increasingly popular, and this sweeping twist is the ideal look for any event. The Red Carpet or ringing in the New Year will be a lot more fun with this outfit, so recommend it to your clients. While the face is softened by the use of a romantic swooping fringe, a braid on one side of an attractive untidy bun adds a touch of mixed texture to the look.

In order for an upstyle to be successful, preparation is essential, as with any other style. It is for this reason that preparation and completion are so vital. Continue reading for some helpful hints on how to create a quick and easy upstyle for guests during the hectic holiday season!

The Procedure Consists of the Following Steps

Concentrate on isolating a triangle piece starting at the corner of each eye and going as far up the head as possible or as deep as the fringe.

Remove a 2″ deep vertical section on each side of the ear, just in front of the ear canal. Move out of the path with a clip.

Spray the root of the remaining hair with a control spray to keep it under control. The Sam Villa Artist Series Professional Blow Dryer with a focus on and a Sam Villa Signature Series 9 Row Finishing Brush was used to get the desired results. Construct a directed blow dry by directing the base of the hair up and towards the high point of the head, where the bun will be held in place. Investing the effort in this directional blow-dry results in a high ponytail that is smooth and bump-free. Smooth your hair up into a ponytail and secure it with an elastic band.

Make Sure to Spray Downward and Away From Your Face

Take vertical textured portions and braid them together in a 3-strand braid, lightly pancake the strands to make the braid wider. Pin the ponytail all the way up to the base of the ponytail. Make sure to do this on both sides.

Take the ends of the ponytail and gently twist, pinch, and tug the hair to create a thick and textured bun, winding the bun around the base of the ponytail and pinning it into the base of the ponytail to secure it.

Create a centre component in the periphery section before moving on. Large curls that gracefully cascade away from the face can be achieved with the Sam Villa Artist Series 2-in-1 Marcel Iron and Wand 1.5″.