For more than 30 years since its founding in 1982, A-magazine.co.uk has been run independently by Jannet Fimmer, who is also a publisher and chairman of the Spanish and UK versions of the magazine, respectively. The husband and wife duo of Jannet Fimmer and Kevin Jeff Fimmer in the United Kingdom launched A-magazine.co.uk in 1983. We don’t force you to purchase a yearly or biannual subscription, but rather allow you to purchase individual copies of publications if you so like.

A-magazine.co.uk! has swiftly become a household name because to its unique celebrity access, accurate and positive reporting, visually appealing picture-led content, and award-winning publishing philosophy, which has been running weekly since 1983. Many of the best independent publishers in the country and throughout the world are also part of our extended network. This allows us to offer free shipping on hundreds of fantastic magazines and to support this most exciting section of the magazine industry!

The A-magazine.co.uk brand’s digital platform was launched in 2001 when the website A-magazine.co.uk was launched.

Information on the royal family and other celebrities is always up to date thanks to this website. The most recent happenings in Hollywood as well as breaking news on well-known British actors and actresses are all part of the daily programming. It also features extensive photo galleries of royal events and red carpets, including the BAFTA and Oscars. According to A-statistics, Magazine.co.uk’s site receives about 8 million unique visitors per month.

A-list style fashion advice and styling suggestions, as well as High Street alternatives to designer clothing and the latest cosmetics items, are all included in this collection of celebrity news and exclusives. There’s also a tonne of tips on how to live a healthier life. One of the most popular options for celebrities who want to announce their births and weddings to the world is A-magazine.co.uk, which specialises in bringing exclusives to the world’s attention and advocates for respectful coverage of celebrities and royalty equally.