How To Treat Your Man

Women frequently look after the family’s health. Here are ten fantastic recommendations from Rigshospitalet psychologist Svend Aage Madsen and Aktivo partner Regitze Siggaard on how you can help your husband stay healthy.

Take him seriously when he is unwell so he will talk about it when it is severe. Many women struggle to accept their partner’s pity and weakness in simple illnesses like the flu and the common cold. We link the disease with weakness and showing weakness is not part of the man’s duty. When their spouses are sick, women often become enraged. It is easier to prove symptoms if he is regarded seriously by less serious ailments.

Ask open-ended inquiries rather than forcing him to speak more than he wishes to. Women and men express themselves differently. Women often express emotions better and have a language for it but men need to practice and do not necessarily need to express emotions. Studies suggest that when very unwell, women often turn to self-help organizations. They seek information and discuss the condition with friends and family. Men do not do this as much.

Expect him to lay all his feelings on the table at once; let him do it in his own time. Many guys are uncomfortable discussing their sentiments and lack the language to describe themselves and their desires. So they may need more time to express themselves or to act on facts rather than emotions.

Mention a general practitioner (make an appointment) if he is middle-aged or older, smokes is overweight, inactive or has close relatives with cardiovascular illness (including high blood pressure or diabetes). All these factors raise his chance of serious illness. A general practitioner can conduct a preventive interview and a more or less extensive health check. Blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, heart rate, BMI, and lung function are examples. The doctor may also inquire about previous illnesses and family members with diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and metabolic disorders. In this approach, one can assess the man’s risk of illness and discuss what has to be changed.

For example, he loses weight quickly, coughs frequently, has blood in his urine, leg pain when walking, birthmarks that grow or vary in size or appearance, and/or persistent weariness and/or dizziness and/or shortness of breath or chest pain. Illnesses can cause it. Many guys are unaware of what to look out for when it comes to their health. And they don’t ask what their symptoms indicate.

Suggest He Sees a Doctor and Asks for a Referral to a Psychologist or Psychiatrist:

  • a negative mood
  • sad and depressed
  • lacked the motivation to achieve something
  • has lost interest in his regular interests
  • gets tired easily and has less energy
  • unable to focus

These Are Frequent Symptoms of Depression

But it’s also a sign of a horrible day. Symptoms of depression are frequent. Roughly 4% of the population is depressed. Women are twice as likely to be affected as males, for reasons that are not unclear but that are often rooted in life trauma. One reason could be that males are unaware of their reactions, or that women are better at asking for aid when sick.

Also, if He Is Extra, Suggest a Doctor or Psychologist:

  • irritable
  • restless
  • aggressive
  • drained
  • dissatisfied and low-stress threshold, eg with children.

Men’s depression can have slightly different expressions than women’s depression. Experts disagree if these are signs of “male despair”.

Agree to move 30 minutes per day. It is crucial to find moments in regular life where mobility is natural. One of you can take a quick stroll with the dog while the other rides a bike to work. Also, bear in mind that chores like cleaning and gardening can count as exercise. Men are often motivated by competitiveness and betting.

In all circumstances, emphasise how important his condition is to you, how important it is to keep him, etc. To achieve the life you want, you must first achieve good health.

Discuss everything logically and reasonably, while reserving your deepest emotions. Otherwise, many men will try to help you instead of recognising your need.