Signs She Is Not Interested Anymore

Men Miss the Signals of Love’s Demise!

Men often have lower expectations of communication and intimacy than women. The average man seeks a relationship where he can re-energize before conquering the world. He needs serenity, sex, food, and a bed. A lady usually wants more. She craves affection, presence, sentiments, and oneness with her lover. She will mature. All of these and more await her as she discovers herself.

So women frequently demand more than men. Thus, a male may assume the relationship is going well, while the woman is genuinely unhappy. “It’s going great,” he regularly comments. “He doesn’t see the indicators that love is gone, so we’ve gone sex,” I said. “We seldom talk about something that matters,” she says. We haven’t done anything together in months. I’m bored and you don’t understand me. 

Because he has fewer wants than she does, he misses indicators that she no longer loves him. Some ladies scream. Others go unnoticed. To a woman who scolds and grumbles is easy. Then you know something is awry. It’s important to pay attention to your woman’s personality. Her emotional withdrawal and distance signal the end of the relationship. On emotional intimacy, a woman has no motive to stay in a relationship. Because he has other priorities, he misses her absence, emotional withdrawal, and loss of love.

In fact, the male may believe the connection is better than ever. Women withdrawing from men stop attempting to alter them. Which he takes to mean she finally sees things his way – or that everything is good. The partnership no longer nurtures her when she withdraws emotionally. Heart closed, she dries up.

Signs of Lost Love

  • Here are some signs she’s lost interest:
  • She’s gone.
  • Sad yet unsure why.
  • That which she longs for.
  • She doesn’t want sex.
  • She ceases expressing herself.
  • When you’re together, she stops laughing.
  • She never looks ahead.
  • She avoids contact.
  • She averts her gaze.
  • When you call her, she doesn’t answer. And don’t text back.
  • Her demeanor is disdainful.
  • More time with girlfriends and self.
  • You’re starting to talk to other men and ex-boyfriends.

Remember that every woman is unique, so use the list as a reference. But if she continues to show the above indicators, act fast!