An Introduction To Slow Fashion And Why It Matters

As more people who are passionate about fashion express a desire to donate money to charitable organisations, the market for ethically produced clothing is expanding. This has come about as a result of complaints that many fashion brands either pay their employees poorly or treat them poorly in general. In the past few years, the fashion industry as a whole has seen a rise in the number of brands that adhere to ethical standards in an effort to improve its public image. Be sure to keep these brands in mind whenever you’re in the market for some new threads and want to do your part to support the local workforce at the same time.

Tonle is a clothing brand with its headquarters in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, that is committed to providing items that are manufactured using ethical methods and producing zero waste. The design procedure for the shop prioritises the utilisation of waste products from other manufacturing facilities. They begin by selecting high-quality remnants from a stream of textile waste, and then they use the remaining scraps to construct other garments and accessories.

The employees receive competitive pay and benefits, including paid time off, free meals, and the opportunity to participate in educational opportunities. They are even offered the opportunity to advance their careers into management positions.

Outdoor Voices

You can look through Outdoor Voices’ collection to satisfy your requirements for athletic gear. The aesthetic of the brand is striking, but also understated, and the pieces that they sell are suitable for any kind of physical activity, whether it be yoga, workouts at the gym, or activities that take place outside. The manufacturer even came out with an item called the Exercise Dress, which is designed to withstand strenuous exercise.

The clothing sold by Outdoor Voices is made in the United States of America, China, Vietnam, and Cambodia; however, the company makes certain that all of its partners in other countries adhere to standards regarding the safety of their employees, the payment of fair wages, and the provision of benefits. The fabrics that they use are made from recycled polyester and wool that was raised in an environmentally responsible manner.

Even more exciting is the fact that Outdoor Voices also provides customers with the option to sign up for Student Accounts, which entitle them to a discount of 20% off University styles. It is not unusual for online retailers to run promotions of this kind, as they do so frequently in order to attract the attention of people who shop in traditional stores. There are even some online businesses that provide their customers with the opportunity to participate in Loyalty Programs, through which they can earn better bonuses and special offers. There are also promotions that are awarded after certain tasks on the site have been completed. Not only do these companies reward their employees in this manner, but they also reward their customers for patronising them in this manner.

Dressing Oneself in Thoughts

The company Thought Clothing, which has its headquarters in the United Kingdom, is an outspoken advocate of the slow fashion movement. The brand is known for its modern aesthetic, which is achieved through the use of eco-friendly fabrics such as organic cotton, bamboo, and hemp. Their design philosophy, which can be summed up as “Wear me, love me, mend me, pass it on,” is what motivates them to create timeless pieces that are simple to style. They provide items of clothing that are considered to be essential, in addition to, professional outfits, nightwear, dresses, and knitwear.

In addition to fostering healthy relationships with their factories and suppliers, Thought Clothing ensures that all of their employees are paid fairly and that their working conditions are satisfactory.

The clothing brand Arizen has its production facility in Bali, Indonesia, where it adheres to fair labour practises and maintains a safe working environment for its employees. The fashion that the company sells is characterised as “dressing to the true form of your etheric body with apparel that feels good to the soul,” as the company puts it. It offers a wide range of products, including separates (tops and bottoms), dresses, jackets, and accessories, among other things.

The dyes that are used by the brand for the clothing are all non-toxic and low impact, and the processing plants that are used to make the fabrics must have environmental certification.