Cookie Law

Most Internet portals utilise cookies to improve user experience. This page explains what “cookies” are, how to disable cookies in your browser, and how to disable third-party cookies.

What are They?

Websites send cookies to your computer, tablet or phone. Cookies allow the website to remember your preferences and your previous visits. Visit to learn more about cookies. This link will open a new window or tab.

Cookies help us improve navigation, provide content and services, and personalise your stay. uses cookies to function, adapt, and improve user navigation.

Cookies merely link an anonymous user or computer/device, not personal data. You may modify or block cookies delivered by websites like at any time without affecting the content. However, the services’ quality may be impacted.

Following registration, users will have access to personalized services based on information provided at registration and kept in a browser cookie.

A-email’s marketing techniques contain little invisible pictures for users. This technology lets us know if an email has been read, when it was read, and from which IP address. We use this data to improve our subscription services and present information that may be of interest to our users.

Your name or bank data are not stored in our cookies. They just help us find information once you’ve logged in, or link your browsing data to you when you sign up for a service or newsletter. We do this by using persistent cookies. We take the protection of your personal data very seriously and are constantly updating our methods. To help you understand why we require cookies, we’ve divided them into four categories:

  • Strictly necessary — these help our website run smoothly.
  • Performance – these are used to analyse our website’s performance and enhance it.
  • Functionality – this helps improve your experience by remembering your prior actions.

Targeting/advertising – they are used to exchange information with third parties with whom we operate or advertise. Cookies can also let us identify your preferences on the website. We use this information to show you ads and pages we believe you’ll like, to tailor how we connect with you, and to tailor the messages we give you. You can choose not to receive them. Content is tailored based on your interest in our web sites, or offers or promotions we believe you’ll like, and to better meet your needs.

Other Group companies may also use cookies to show you relevant ads and sites.

Why are They Vital?

Cookies serve many purposes. Technically, they improve web page performance and can customhouse settings like language, currency, and device. They also help webmasters improve their services by providing statistics data.

What Types of Cookies Do We Use?

A session cookie is one that is active for the duration of your visit to the website and is removed from your computer when you leave. They have a deletion date and are widely used in online shopping, customization, or registration to prevent having to repeatedly input a password.

Party cookies are delivered to your computer and used solely by us to improve the Web Site’s functionality. We collect information to improve our service and your User experience.

While using our website, you may be sent third-party cookies (for example, by clicking/watching videos hosted elsewhere or using social media buttons) from a different domain. We cannot access data stored in other websites’ cookies when you visit the sites indicated.

  • An anonymous cookie is stored on your computer during your visit to the Website.
  • To better serve and personalise content for Users.
  • To track visitors’ preferences and activities on a website.
  • Let advertisers and other third parties deliver relevant ads and content.

General Analytics

  • To collect identifying and anonymous data.
  • To help uncover possible fraud.
  • Third parties (such as advertisers) may also place cookies on your browser while running ads on the Web Site.
  • What are cookies?
  • Boosting efficiency

Some third-party cookies remember your preferences or services, so you don’t have to re-configure them every time you come. For example, media player loudness or video playback speed. In e-commerce, it can store your purchase preferences.

For Stats

Cookies help us track visitor numbers and activity. We can track visitor traffic to our website and improve our products and services.

GPS Services

So that content and services can be managed in a completely anonymous manner.

Useful Cookies

Cookies identify you as a registered user and show when you have logged on. These cookies identify your user account and services. Please do not close your browser or turn off your device while these cookies are active. These cookies can be used to detect user preferences in our portal.

Ad Cookies

These allow us or third parties to effectively manage advertising space on our website, modifying the advertising content, requested service, or website usability. This allows us to track internet usage and show relevant ads.

3rd Party Cookies

Third-party cookies might be used to manage and improve services. Links to social networks are one example of this use. Some connector services work with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, etc. If you use the social registration, you agree to a persistent cookie. This cookie remembers your ID service, making subsequent visits considerably faster. This cookie can override permissions and access services from the individual network’s privacy settings.

How Do I Change My Cookie Options or Revoke Consent?

By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies and our Cookie Policy. It offers access to this Cookies Policy page during registration so that users are informed and can block, remove, or refuse cookies at any time.

Your web browser’s settings allow you to allow, block, or delete cookies, as well as revoke previously given authorization. If you disable cookies, you may be unable to use certain services.